Understanding Solomon Health Declaration Cards


A Solomon Health Declaration Card is an essential instrument in combating the illness of heart. The main focus of this card is to underline the risk factors of heart and also its ailments. They also serve as reminders to routine check-ups and screenings by medical practitioners, and family members who are aware of family history. The cards, which can be personalized, are offered through Solomon Health Care System, a not for profit company that offers different kinds of services. The services comprise Heart Disease Education and Prevention, Heart Attack Screening, Chronic Disease Management, and Diabetes Management.

In accordance with the definition, the cards are awarded to every relative and spouse for a means of informing them about the household's health condition and the preventative measures that they should follow. There's also a concise background information on the cards, for example, function and process of design. Each person card has a distinctive holographic image that's exclusive to it. Additionally, it has a primary and secondary picture. The hologram on the primary card is randomly selected from a wide range of the population, while the card is randomly chosen from among the people of the family.

Each individual card also includes a collection of surveys attached to it. These questionnaires are based on diagnostic and other questionnaires intended for general well being evaluation. Ordinarily, a patient is asked about their own history of heart-related problems, previous medical remedies and at least lifestyle and diet question. The questions cover such aspects as smoking, alcohol use, blood pressure, salt consumption, diet, exercise, cholesterol levels, and any genetic predispositions towards heart disease or other ailments. An individual card also contains questionnaires covering significant areas like present diet, exercise regimes, daily chores, fruits, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins.

People diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and who don't undergo treatment within time may develop this condition. This problem is known as Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). This is the number one cause of heart attacks and strokes in the United States and on earth. CAD may be controlled by simply keeping an eye on the foods you eat, how much you drink, and if you smoke. These are only a few things a Solomon Health Declaration Card will include.

The most important thing about a Solomon health declaration card is that it is the ticket to prevent significant disease. By being mindful of what is in your card, you're better prepared to prevent the conditions that cause cardiovascular disease. You're able to take preventative steps and screenings all on your own. However there are times when a doctor is not available, and nothing could be achieved for you because the growth of coronary disease can not be prevented. In this case, you will want to get a Solomon Health Declaration Card so that you will be able to quickly understand what to do in case of a health crisis.

Now that you understand more about the significance of having a Solomon health declaration card, then you may be asking yourself where you will get you. There are several distinct places that sell these. Most pharmacies sell the cards for a small amount. You could also find several websites that sell the cards. You should also bear in mind that many insurance companies also sell the cards, but you will likely have difficulty finding one that is unique to your insurance provider. In the end, you can purchase on the internet for a personalized Solomon Health Declaration Card from the web site for a small amount.